Overview, Vol 9, Issue 1


Volume 8, Issue 4 was the last print issue of Progress in Osteoporosis. I started this service 14 years ago, in October 1993, based on an idea from Pierre Delmas, the President of International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF), a colleague and my dearest friend for 27 years. The journal was called Advances in Osteoporosis and was supported by a grant from MSD until 1999.  The journal known as Advances in Osteoporosis did not end because advancement in the field ended, the name had to change because of a copyright issue. The journal continued as Progress in Osteoporosis during the last 8 years but now this ends but not because progress in the field has ceased.  But the times  they are indeed changing.

Just as we no longer write on tablets of stone or paint images of our daily lives on cave walls, we are coming to the end of the world of paper, apart from paper tigers who roam the corridors in search of place.  Ends are beginnings and we live in a world that is more virtual than palpable and perhaps more dangerously fast as the position of an electron is never quite known.

Progress in Osteoporosis is not disappearing, we are not at the end of Progress but its letters are leaving paper to be beamed and reassemble as electrons appearing at your will with the touch of a button. This is the way of things, the world literature is instantaneously accessible in a park on a Sunday afternoon, in an airport terminal, in the bathtub, on your terrace, or during a boring meeting where you can pretend to take notes.  The journal will provide you with information but you have to turn it into knowledge and turn knowledge into understanding.

The purpose of the web based journal is no different to its paper mate. All the important work in the field of osteoporosis will be served to you on a platter but the summary should not be cited. The purpose of the abstracts is not to be comprehensive but rather to provide the main message, and when appropriate I will highlight the work in the Overview. These summaries should only be used to direct your interest to the original work. They are not peer reviewed and some may contain errors of omission or commission.  So please, refer to the original work. The inferences I make are my own, they do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the IOF.  The second purpose is to include, when possible, the main graphical presentations from papers so that the reader has this available to make slides.

I thank Springer, in particular Christiane Notarmarco, the publisher in the UK for the hard work, their support, patience and willingness to please over the years. I have enjoyed working with Christiane and hope to continue to do so in the future. I thank GlaxoSmithKline and Roche for their financial support for paper edition of Progress in Osteoporosis that now ends, especially for their sensitivity to the essential requirement of complete editorial freedom at all times.  I thank IOF for making all this possible in the last 14 years and now for their continuing trust in me to lead this new initiative. I look forward to this project with great excitement, optimism and energy.

None of this would have been possible or would have occurred without the fire and volcanic energy and determination of Pierre Delmas and I thank him for his initiative in 1993 and his commitment to ensuring the journal continues through a grant from the IOF Invest In Your Bones Campaign, for which I also thank for its goodwill and support of the field.

The journal now continues as a self-publishing part of IOF under the leadership of Fina Liu, the managing scientific editor. I have worked with Fina for some time now and her quiet efficiency, energy, speed and commitment to the production of Osteoporosis International is well known to all of the editorial staff in Europe who have worked with her; and it is a pleasure and privilege to be able to now work closely with Fina to make this venture a great success. I will do my best to fulfil the responsibility that comes with this task. Welcome to Volume 9, Issue 1, beginning with summaries of the best of the best from 2007.

Ego Seeman
March 5, 2008


Note from the Editor

The purpose of Progress in Osteoporosis is to provide the reader with a summary of the most important literature published in the preceding three to four months in the field of osteoporosis. Most reviews and original research are cited. In addition, summaries and figures are provided for readers who may not have easy access to all the specialist literature. The summaries are based on the contents of abstracts, which have been abbreviated to concisely convey the main theme. The contents of the abstracts and figures should be used only as a means of directing the reader to the original literature and should not be quoted verbatim or cited as a reference. The opinions expressed in the Overview are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the International Osteoporosis Foundation.