Quality of Life Report 2003

Quality of Life: Why prevent the first fracture?

quality of life: why prevent the first fracture?For many years the International Osteoporosis Foundation has lobbied for policy changes to prevent the first fracture. IOF's new report, Quality of Life: Why prevent the first fracture, provides, for the first time in a popular publication, dramatic explanations of what happens after a person breaks a bone due to the "silent epidemic".

Conclusions from the report (written by Paul Lips, member of the Committee of Scientific Advisors):

  • Two out of three first vertebral fractures are not diagnosed.
  • Once a woman suffers a first vertebral fracture, there is a five-fold increase in the risk of developing a new vertebral fracture within one year.
  • One year after a hip fracture, one in four patients has died, one cannot walk, and two of the four can walk but with lower mobility than before the fracture.
  • In addition to relieving suffering, public health systems and insurance companies will save considerable money by preventing the first fracture.

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