Orthopedic Surgeons' Training Kit (English)

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Welcome letter (PDF, 50.1 KB)

1. Challenges of fragility fracture treatment
Download as PowerPoint presentation (PPT, 3.91 MB) or PDF document (PDF, 3.76 MB)

2. Pathogenesis of fragility fractures: A biomechanical view
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3. Osteoporosis and fractures: The size of the problem
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4. Fragility fractures: Clinical pathways
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5. Lecture summary: Osteoporosis and fractures – an orthopaedic perspective
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Bonus material for patients and the general public (to made available in waiting rooms and offices):
1. Osteoporosis: Frequently asked questions (PDF, 49.6 KB)
2. Prevention of osteoporosis: Skeletal health across the lifespan (PDF, 40.9 KB)


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