Non-sponsored symposia announced for WCO-IOF-ESCEO 2018 Kraków

Take part in a high-quality CME-accredited programme. Newly announced, a broad selection of highly interesting non-sponsored symposia, led by experts in the field.

Begin planning your personal agenda at the World Congress on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis & Musculoskeletal Diseases – the world’s largest medical and scientific congress in the bone, muscle and joint field.
The CME-accredited scientific programme (16 European ECMEC credits)  features 10 Plenary Lectures, 4 Special Lectures, 13 Meet-the-Expert Sessions, 7 ESCEO Symposia, and 29 Non-Sponsored Symposia. The programme addresses a broad range of hot topics and clinical advances to meet your information needs.

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Non-Sponsored Symposia address hot topics and novel areas of research

A recent popular new feature of the IOF-ESCEO annual Congress has been the topical Non-sponsored Symposia. Following a call for applications, leading researchers from around the world have applied for a one-hour slot dedicated to a specific topic. It's a terrific opportunity to showcase their specific area of expertise - and is much appreciated by delegates as well as organizers.

Friday April 20

  • Breast Cancer and Bone Health – Joint session of the Cancer & Bone Society (CABS) and IOF
  • Sarcopenia: Problem-solving a new lifestyle disease
  • Bone fragility in diabetes
  • Treating Osteosarcopenia by Targeting Muscle and Bone: Actuality &  Perspectives
  • Global Map of Dietary Calcium Intake reveals large geographic regions of low intake – a call to action

Saturday April 21

  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: Facts on Causes, Diagnosis and Therapy
  • Achieving gender equity in musculoskeletal science - why it matters and how can we do it?
  • Demonstrating fracture liaison service effectiveness - Use of fracture incidence & prescribing data to demonstrate clinical and cost effectiveness in a small population
  • Mediterranean diet & musculoskeletal diseases
  • DO-HEALTH: First results of a large European Trial
  • ASBMR-IOF-ESCEO Symposium: Closing the Treatment Gap
  • Clinical Application of Bone Markers
  • Joint IOF ESCEO FFN Secondary Fracture Prevention / FLS
  • Management of Bone Health Throughout Women's Life Span. Gynecological Perspective on Effective Prevention of Osteoporosis Fragility Fracture
  • Optimising bone health, muscle strength and balance in middle-aged women: new opportunities for long-term fracture prevention
  • Musculo-skeletal Imaging by clinical microCT
  • A contemporary approach in education: Developing the role of nurses working in secondary fracture prevention

Sunday April 22

  • Taking care of the osteoporotic spine
  • Optimisation of Fracture Liaison Services
  • Impact of osteoporosis/osteopenia in management of osteoarthritis
  • Novelty regarding the potential of nutritional interventional studies with or without exercise training to prevent muscle function in older adults
  • Management of Osteoporosis - Closing the gap in the CEE countries
  • Diabetes and Osteoporosis: A sweet relationship
  • Management of Osteoporosis in Poland
  • Physical activity and rehabilitation in osteoporosis and sarcopenia
  • Identification of vertebral fractures in Fracture Liaison Services in the UK
  • Rational approach to osteoporosis in Turkey
  • Autoimmune Sarcopenia
  • Non-irradiating evaluation of bone mineral mass at peripheral and axial sites

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