CNS members in Latin America inform on Covid-19 and osteoporosis

Initiatives to share knowledge and best practices provide valuable information, including guidance on how to manage patients with osteoporosis.

In order to share knowledge, address concerns and exchange good clinical practices, several IOF member organizations (CNS) in the Latin America region offered webinars linked to the pandemic that is currently keeping the world at edge. Most of the initiatives addressed issues related to the management of patients with osteoporosis and recommendations on how to stay healthy throughout isolation. Also included were topics related to the secondary effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, with epidemiological data and perspectives on the vaccine, among others.

For more information:

• "Pandemic Collateral Effects", ABRASSO, LINK:

• "Spondyloarthritis in times of Covid-19", Uruguayan Society of Rheumatology, LINK: 

• "How to stay healthy despite isolation", Uruguayan Society of Rheumatology, LINK:

• "COVID Times: Managing the Osteoporosis Patient," ODS

• "COVID Times: Managing the Osteoporosis Patient", AMOMM,

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o 3rd. Session: