Jossyphine Muthoni

IOF woman of steel Jossyphine Muthoni

Ms. Jossyphine Muthoni, known as Jossy among her peers and in her community, is a young Kenyan woman from a humble family, now aged about 26 years. As the first born, she has always aided in family decision-making, and therefore learned to be responsible at a very young age.

Jossy developed a passion to help the vulnerable and disadvantaged people living in urban and rural areas. As she was beginning high school, she went to stay with her grandmother who in turn instilled principles that were essential to her life. Her upbringing taught her to appreciate aging and help the elderly to live life to the fullest. In 2010 she volunteered her time to work with the Kenya Osteoporosis Prevention and Age Concern (OPAC), a pioneer bone health research organization based in Nairobi, Kenya. Her work involved visiting the sick and elderly in the urban slums, and organizing free medical camps for disadvantaged communities. Jossy shared nutrition information by creating urban farms which utilized small spaces throughout these communities.

Jossy founded the Elderly Digital Literacy (EDL) in Kenya, where she helps elderly people to connect with their relatives living abroad through Skype. With Jossy’s hard work and dedication, the African elderly are able to benefit from modern technology.

She dedicates most of her valued time to help the elderly and the most vulnerable people in the society. When she is not working with the elderly, Jossy teaches climate change literacy to children aged 4 to 12 in Kenya’s primary schools.

Her current focus is to fund-raise globally for the osteoporosis research study among the people living around the shores of Lake Turkana, Kenya. “My heart is with the people of Turkana in Kenya, that are suffering from Osteoporosis, yet they can’t do anything about it because even the local authorities don’t know how to go about it. I need all people of good will and concerned world organizations to join me in this noble task of alleviating bone and joint pain to a whole community living around this salty lake.” Her dedication to this project, along with all of her work towards assisting the elderly in Kenya have made her the most recent addition to the Women of Steel project.

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