Gal Lousky

The Women of Steel Project - February 2014 - Gal Lousky

Gal Lousky was born in a Kibbutz community not far from the Sea of Galilee in Israel. Gal was raised as the only girl in a class of boys. Gal’s communal Kibbutz life taught her about the physical challenges of the outdoors, and life in this small community surrounded by nature involved long working hours in the Kibbutz's banana groves and cowsheds.

Gal’s upbringing taught her to accept hard physical labor, as well as the importance of being part of a devoted community in which individuals really care about the well-being of one another. Since an early age, she learned that helping others is not altruism or even a chore, but rather, the only way one should live life.

Even as a child, Gal was attracted to the idea of breaking through barriers and rethinking the accepted ways of doing things. During her final year of high school, she took a number of criminology courses in the nearby college. In high school, she also studied alternative medicine. To pay for her tuition, she worked both as a flight attendant and in the office of a private investigator. Some of the tactics that she learned in these jobs were later put to use in the creation of her aid providing tool kit.

In 1993, Gal's brother was seriously injured while doing his military service. This event dramatically changed Gal's life.  The event helped her understand her life's goal – to reduce unnecessary injuries and death as much as she possibly could, especially those caused by violence. Gal assisted her brother’s healing process for almost a year and eventually even dropped out of university in order to help him recover.

Gal completely changed her life by teaching and training locals in high risk areas. When Gal arrives to assist disasters and human conflict in the world’s most dangerous regions, people are often surprised to find a woman as the leader of the aid force.  For all of these reasons, Gal Lousky is our nomination for the Woman of Steel Project.

IOF Woman of Steel, Gal Lousky

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