Eila Nevanranta

IOF November Woman of Steel

Rap-Granny Eila (77 years) started to make rap four years ago. She chose the medium of rap music because she thought it would be the best way to express herself and her opinions and to be noticed. Eila wanted to support those who don’t have so much in life, to open our eyes to issues that do not normally receive much attention, to advocate a message of tolerance, and to give bigger voice to those whose voice is normally small—for example, the elderly and the homeless.

Voluntary work has always been an important part of Eila Nevanranta’s life. Her life as a volunteer began while helping Russian people living in institutions just before the collapse of the Soviet Union, and she continues to volunteer her times for various causes today.

Through her music, Rap-Granny Eila has become well-known in Finland, but her new found fame does not interest her, she only views it as useful to help get her message to the wider public.

Eila Nevanranta has osteoporosis, scoliosis, kyphosis and lardosis, and she has lost 8 centimeters from her height over the years.

Try to remember your granny one of these days

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Go and see what’s up with her now, or it might be too late.

Granny talks and remembers past times,

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Call and go chat with your grandma,

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Try and she will get it, she will even think it is cool.

Try and she will get , she will even think it cool.
If you don’t have a granny of your own, check-out the neighbourhood, you might find a granny there.
Try and she will get it she will even think it is cool.

Try and she will get it, she will even think it is cool.

IOF Woman of Steel, Eila Nevanranta

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