IOF-ISFR Shoulder Fracture Working Group


Chair: Dr. Amy Hoang-Kim

Members: D Beaton (Canada), MK Chang (Switzerland), C Cooper (UK), F.Pegreffi (Italy), J Goldhahn (Switzerland), A Hoang-Kim (Canada), A Johnstone (UK), J Jupiter (US), A Ladd (US), P Lips (NL), J MacDermid (Canada), M Marks (Switzerland), G Moeller (Switzerland), B Mitlak (US), TL Müller (Switzerland), D Rikkli (Switzerland), T Shisha (France), B Simmen (Switzerland), T Rozental (US)


Shoulder fractures are common manifestations of osteoporosis. Although not life-threatening, fractures impact hand function and activities of daily living. Loss of independence and subsequent need for assistive living can be a devastating consequence for elderly individuals.


The objectives of the working group is to bring together orthopaedic surgeons specialized in the treatment of shoulder fractures, experts in outcome research, partners from rehabilitation, representatives from industry engaged in the improved treatment of shoulder fracture (device as well as pharmaceutical companies), representatives from patient societies, and colleagues from regulatory affairs. The ultimate goal of the workshop is to reach a consensus about a core set of measures and to develop frameworks that should be included in scientific studies about shoulder fractures. 

Paper published in June 2013:

Recommendation for measuring clinical outcome in distal radius fractures: a core set of domains for standardized reporting in clinical practice and research
Jörg Goldhahn, Dorcas Beaton, Amy Ladd, Joy Macdermid, Amy Hoang-Kim.  On behalf of the Distal Radius Working Group of ISFR and IOF
Arch Orthop Trauma Surg. DOI 10.1007/s00402-013-1767-9