Inadequate Responders Working Group


Chair: A Diez Perez

Members: R. Adachi, D. Agnusdei, J. Compston, S. Cummings, A. Diez-Perez (Chair), R. Eastell, E .Eriksen, U. Liberman, E. Seeman
External advisor: Jesus Gonzalez-Macias


Defining inadequate response is very important in practical settings, for patients and clinicians and for the access and reimbursement of anti-osteoporotic drugs. However, many debatable points have been raised in defining which clinical signs constitute a non-response.


The objective of the working group is to establish an IOF Position Paper on what constitutes an inadequate response to osteoporosis treatment, based on the operational definitions published recently in a 2008 article ‘Inadequate responders to osteoporosis treatment: proposal for an operational definition’, co-written by Dr J. Gonzales-Macias and A. Diez Perez in the journal Osteoporosis International.


Treatment failure in osteoporosis. Diez-Perez A, Adachi JD, Agnusdei D, et al. for the IOF CSA Inadequate Responders Working Group Osteoporosis International 2012, December 2012, Volume 23, Issue 12, pp 2769-2774 DOI: 10.1007/s00198-012-2093-8