Background information and key findings In September 2009 IOF presented results from a multinational survey of patients and doctors at the 31st annual meeting of the American Society of Mineral and Bone Research (ASBMR) in September 2009. Below is an overview of the Survey's key findings: Key findings Patients claim to be better informed about their osteoporosis than the data reveal Read more
Encouraging more open dialogue about osteoporosis is one of the goals of the Timeless Women campaign, launched on World Osteoporosis Day in 2008 by Novartis with support from ambassador and iconic James Bond actress Ursula Andress. Read more
Below are the approved language versions of the QUALEFFO-41 Questionnaire (a quality of life questionnaire in patients with vertebral fractures) and the IOF Wrist Fracture Questionnaire (a quality of life questionnaire in patients with wrist fractures). Please note that the IOF Wrist Fracture Questionnaire is intended to be used as a supplement to Qualeffo-41. Read more
Staying Power: Closing The Adherence Gap In Osteoporosis provides a summary of the international evidence available on the impact of non-adherence. Read more
The International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) has commissioned seven surveys and corresponding reports since 2000 focusing on specific aspects of osteoporosis awareness and the importance of adherence to treatment. Below is a listing of all IOF or IOF-endorsed surveys to date. Click on the links below for more information or to download:  Read more
A European report highlighting the gap between the beliefs of people with osteoporosis and the perceptions of their physicians Read more
In June 2000, IOF released a first-of-its-kind survey report entitled, "How Fragile is Her Future?". Read more
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