Stories of people with osteoporosis

I am my parents' only child. I’ve been underweight all my life. At birth I weighed only 2.7 kg and was very slender as a child too. Read more
IOF November Woman of Steel
Rap-Granny Eila (77 years) started to make rap four years ago. She chose the medium of rap music because she thought it would be the best way to express herself and her opinions and to be noticed. Eila wanted to support those who don’t have so much in life, to open our eyes to issues that do not normally receive much attention, to advocate a message of tolerance, and to give bigger voice to those... Read more
Women of Steel March 2014
Salima Ladak-Kachra, 43, sustained four vertebral fractures after slipping and falling on a ceramic floor at the age of 25. "The excruciating pain and emotional distress that I endured is something that I do not want others to go through," says Salima. A DXA scan later showed that she had severe osteopenia in both the spine and femur, as well as other old healing-fractures in the thoracic spine. Read more
IOF woman of steel Jossyphine Muthoni
Ms. Jossyphine Muthoni, known as Jossy among her peers and in her community, is a young Kenyan woman from a humble family, now aged about 26 years. As the first born, she has always aided in family decision-making, and therefore learned to be responsible at a very young age. Read more
“Most people are aware of the connection between being overweight and the risk of cardiovascular disease, but up to now too few people know about the link between being underweight and weak bones,” says Dr. Read more
"It never occurred to me that my back pain was due to osteoporosis. Read more
Translated from original article by author Aida Panikian, Joint inquiry of newspapers “Osteoporosis” and “We are healthy”, Photo: The author Read more
 Five years ago, when I was 43, I was enjoying a family holiday in the Dominican Republic when, during a dancing competition I went to lift my wife Jean in a 50s-style swing, I felt as though a gun had gone off in my head. I collapsed in agony. Read more


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