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This free slide set highlights 60 key research findings in 2014. The slide set is available to all IOF members, so you must be logged in to the website in order to download Congress Highlights, available at the bottom of the page. Read more
The International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) supports extensive research in the area of health economics, including cost effectiveness and cost-utility survey and studies.  These tools are available to researchers and policy makers around the world to further understanding of the burden of this musculoskeletal disease. Read more
Below are the approved language versions of the QUALEFFO-41 Questionnaire (a quality of life questionnaire in patients with vertebral fractures) and the IOF Wrist Fracture Questionnaire (a quality of life questionnaire in patients with wrist fractures). Please note that the IOF Wrist Fracture Questionnaire is intended to be used as a supplement to Qualeffo-41. Read more
Health economics is becoming increasingly important for establishing the role of medicines in osteoporosis. The model has been developed for Sweden by i3 Innovus, Sweden (formerly European Health Economics). Read more
It's of great importance to have good estimates of costs and health effects for osteoporosis-related fractures when health economic analyses of osteoporosis are conducted. Empirical data on individual costs and health effects in relation to fractures are very scarce, especially when it comes to the consequences of vertebral and wrist fractures. ICUROS seeks to fill this gap. Read more
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