Advancing research and setting global standards for best clinical practice

IOF’s respected Committee of Scientific Advisors (CSA) Working Groups formulate global policy guidance, scientific guidelines and statements to update IOF positions and develop educational and research projects of international relevance. Currently there are 13 working groups on a wide range of topics covering the bone, muscle and joint arena.

In 2014, IOF CSA Working Groups or affiliated scientific experts published these influential papers:

  • Worldwide Uptake of FRAX
    Kanis JA, Johansson H, Oden A, Cooper C, McCloskey EV and the Epidemiology and Quality of Life Working Group of IOF. Arch Osteoporosis
  • A meta-analysis of reference markers of bone turnover for prediction of fracture
    Johansson H, Odén A, Kanis JA, McCloskey EV, Morris HA, Cooper C, Vasikaran S and the IFCC-IOF Joint Working Group on standardization of biochemical markers of bone turnover. A meta-analysis of reference markers of bone turnover for prediction of fracture. Calcif Tissue Int

Working Groups were also preparing key papers in the areas of skeletal rare diseases, menopausal hormone therapy, bone and diabetes, pediatrics and bone and cancer, for expected publication in 2015.

Serge Ferrari
IOF’s scientific working groups make a valuable contribution by setting standards of global best practice and developing consensus in important areas of clinical-research.
Serge Ferrari, Vice-Chair of the IOF Committee of Scientific Advisors

Sarcopenia is focus of new scientific working group

In 2014, IOF established the new Sarcopenia and Impaired Mobility Working Group with the following objectives:

  • Review the different definitions of sarcopenia, the aetiology and assessment in elderly
  • Produce a consensus paper on the impact of sarcopenia on physical activity and falls and the role of nutrients, alone or as adjuvant to exercise, in sarcopenia
  • Produce a patient leaflet on the role and benefits of nutrition and mobility intervention for wide distribution (this brochure will be a simplified version of the paper)
  • Produce a slide kit for health-care professionals based on the paper.

IOF experts identified as researchers of exceptional impact in the bone field

In 2014, Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researchers listing ranked Professors Cyrus Cooper (Chair CSA), John A Kanis (IOF President) and Bess Dawson-Hughes (IOF General Secretary) among the top 1% most highly cited investigators for their subject field and year of publication.

The most mentioned and downloaded scientific papers of 2013–2014 in the journal Osteoporosis International were in fact papers by IOF’s Committee of Scientific Advisors (CSA) Working Groups. These include the ‘Impact of nutrition on muscle mass, strength, and performance in older adults’ and, as most downloaded, ‘Cancer-associated bone disease’, and ‘Capture the Fracture®: A Best Practice Framework and global campaign to break the fragility fracture cycle’.

IOF’s scientific journals include the peer-reviewed publications Osteoporosis International, Calcified Tissue International & Musculoskeletal Research, and Archives of Osteoporosis. In addition, IOF’s online review journal, Progress in Osteoporosis, provides insightful reviews intended to generate scientific discussion.



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2013 impact factor