Joint IOF-ASBMR HR-pQCT High Resolution Peripheral Computer Tomography Working Group



Chairs: M Bouxsein and R Chapurlat
Members: J Adachi, J Bilezikian, A Cheung, E Dennison, K. Engelke, E Seeman, D Felsenberg, S Ferrari, J Paccou, R Rizzoli, E Seeman, P Szulc, R Zebaze, J Zanchetta,
Co-opted: S Boyd, S Boutroy, A Burghardt, A Ghasem-Zadeh


To describe the strength and limitations of HR-pQCT and review the clinical studies using this tool


  1. Standardization of HR-pQCT parameters and suggestions on technical parameters like cross calibration and motion artefact.
  2. Key discoveries made using HR-pQCT.