Sarcopenia and Impaired Mobility Working Group

Chairs: R Rizzoli and C Cooper

Members : G Adib, N Binkley, ML Brandi, O Bruyere, D Chan, R Chapurlat, T Chevalley, P Clark, B Dawson-Hughes, E Dennison, A El Maghraoui, K Engelke, R Fielding, J Foldes, G Guglielmi, N Harvey, JA Kanis, JM Kaufman, B Larijani, W Lems, G Lyritis, S Maggi, L Masi, OD Messina, A Papaioannou, JY Reginster, P Szulc, L van Loon


  • Review the different definitions of sarcopenia, the etiology  and assessment in elderly;
  • Produce a consensus  paper on the impact of sarcopenia on physical activity and falls and the role of nutrients, alone or as adjuvant to exercise, in sarcopenia;
  • Produce a patient leaflet on the role and benefits of nutrition and mobility intervention for wide distribution (this brochure will be a simplified version of the paper);
  • Produce a slide kit for health care professionals based on the paper.

Working sub-groups

The group has been divided into the following sub-groups:

  • Group 1: Efficacy of nutritional intervention on sarcopenia
  • Group 2: Comparison of available guidelines on nutritional management of sarcopenia
  • Group 3: Efficacy of physical activity on sarcopenia
  • Group 4: Comparison of available guidelines on physical exercise management of sarcopenia
  • Group 5: Interaction between nutrition and exercise on sarcopenia


C Beaudart, A Dawson, SC Shaw, NC Harvey, JA Kanis, N Binkley, J Y Reginster, R Chapurlat, DC Chan, O Bruyère, R Rizzoli, C Cooper, E M Dennison and the IOF-ESCEO Sarcopenia Working Group. Nutrition and physical activity in the prevention and treatment of sarcopenia: systematic review Osteoporos Int (2017). doi:10.1007/s00198-017-3980-9