Paediatrics Working Group


Chair: S Ferrari
Members: M-L Bianchi, JP Bonjour, T Chevalley, J Foldes, G Guglielmi, N Harvey, JM Kaufman, N Napoli, J Stepan


To explore the poorly understood pathophysiology of osteoporosis in young adults.


The Paediatrics Working Group aims to understand the causes of low bone mass in young adults and to identify its genetic factors.


To review the skeletal determinants of bone strength and fracture susceptibility in healthy children and make recommendations on the role of nutrition factors and physical activity for the prevention of fracture.

In June 2012 this Working Group published:

Osteoporosis in young adults: pathophysiology, diagnosis and management
Serge Ferrari, Maria Luisa Bianchi, John A. Eisman, Joseph Foldes, Silvano Adami, Denys A. Wahl, Jan J. Steppan, Marie-Christine de Vernejoul, Jean-Marc Kaufman for the IOF Committee of Scientific Advisors Working Group on Osteoporosis Pathophysiology
Osteoporosis International  2012, DOI: 10.1007/s00198-012-2030-x