Manicure: osteoporosis prevention is in your hands

More than 4500 manicures were given to women and men in Bogotá and Medellin, Colombia as part of a national awareness campaign.

Below is a short summary of the Spanish-language news report about an innovative awareness campaign developed by ACOMM:

In Colombia, it is estimated that 1.6 million women have osteoporosis. The Colombian Association of Osteoporosis (ACOMM) launched the campaign "Manicure: Preventing osteoporosis is in your hands", which aims to raise awareness among women between 50-65 years through the 3.2 million manicurists in the country. The manicurists will alert their clients about the risk of osteoporosis, and encourage them to have timely consultations with their doctors.

According to reports, in Colombia 3.2 million women remember to have their nails done daily. In Bogotá an average of 50 daily manicures are done in a hairdressing salon but, in contrast, only 5.6 tests to diagnose osteoporosis are carried out daily in a typical hospital in Bogotá. If just 1% of women who get their nails done would go to their doctors to check their bone health, this would translate into 32,000 women daily taking action for osteoporosis prevention. Against this background, the ACOMM, together with beauty salons, nail spas and manicure halls, and with support from Amgen and Masglo, developed the campaign "Manicure - Preventing Osteoporosis is in your hands".

The objective is to train more than 10,000 manicurists in four cities of the country (Bogota, Medellin, Cali and Barranquilla) to be “generators of conscience” to encourage early diagnosis of osteoporosis. If they see a woman older than 50 years with brittle nails they can talk about the campaign, or even discuss the topic with younger women to convey the message to their families.

On Saturday October 20, on the occasion of World Osteoporosis Day, the Manicure Marathon managed to surpass its objective and more than 3000 manicures were done for women and men in a Bogota park. The city of Medellín also joined, and on Saturday, November 3, more than 1500 manicures were done.

More information about the campaign (in Spanish) is available here: