Society Osteoporosforbundet
Office Address Lilla Nygatan 14 Sweden
Phone +46 08 121 46 393
Geographical Area Covered Sweden
Year of foundation 1995
Membership categories patients, medical doctors, physicists, nurses, etc.
Number of members 2200

Services Provided
Telephone helpline yes
Patient support groups yes
Education materials for public yes
Education materials for doctors Occasional participation in conferences, etc., OsteoporosNytt also distributed to practitioners and healthcare centers. We are 20 regional groups.

Chief Executive Officer Ms Lisa Keisu Lennerlöf
Representative at IOF Prof. Gunnela Westlander
Staff members Lisa Kisu Lennerlöf, Sol-Britt Sundvall, Bojan Söderberg, Wiva Asplund, Anita Sandström, Margarieta Lindahl, Helena Salminen, Ann Marie Jaarnek, Kaisa Andersson
Number of staff members 20

Support local, regional groups Ten, and increasing
Public awareness and education Folders and pamphlets, "OsteoporosNytt" (quarterly newsletter), frequent meetings all over the country, exhibition material (posters, pamphlets, overheads), occasional interviews on TV/radio, advice by letter and telephone contact with practitions
Lobbying Lobbying hospitals, politicians and health authorities
Fundraising, finance and administration Funds from donations (to some very small extent) and commercial corporations, membership fees, funds from various companies other than pharmaceutical and "The Board of Health and Welfare"

Other information Main contact with members and others is magazine "OsteoporosNytt" and website