Sociedad Venezuelana de Menopausia y Osteoporosis (SOVEMO)

Society Sociedad Venezuelana de Menopausia y Osteoporosis (SOVEMO)
Office Address Centro Professional Profesional Venezuela
Phone +58 416 630 8902
Fax +58 261 783 2934
Geographical Area Covered Venezuela
Year of foundation December 1990
Number of members 2200

Services Provided
Patient support groups Yes
Education materials for public Yes
Education materials for doctors Yes

Representative at IOF Dr Elizabeth Natale
Staff members Belinda Homez de Delgado, MD, Treasurer Guillermo Herrera, MD, General Secretary Glenda Velazquez, MD, Librarian Jose Weisinger, MD, Vocal Guadalupe Stanbury, MD, Vocal Elizabeth Natale, MD, Vocal Carlos Rondon, MD,Vocal
Number of staff members 9

Science/medical Educational work with practitioners and hospital doctors, meetings and conferences, exhibition material
Support local, regional groups Yes
Public awareness and education Publications, meetings, exhibition material, TV and radio activities