Slovene Bone Society

Society Slovene Bone Society
Office Address Slovenia
Phone +386 1 522 35 64
Geographical Area Covered Slovenia
Year of foundation 1993
Number of members 181

Services Provided
Patient support groups Yes
Education materials for public Yes
Education materials for doctors Yes

Chief Executive Officer Prof. Andrej Janez
Representative at IOF Assoc. Prof. Tomaz Kocjan
Number of staff members 10

Science/medical Educational work with practitioners, hospital doctors and nurses, meetings and conferences 3-4 times yearly, publications, slide-set, exhibition material from pharm. companies
Public awareness and education Publications, meetings, exhibition material, video for research, TV and radio activities
Lobbying Lobbying health authorities
Fundraising, finance and administration Funds from donations (2 %), hospitals (20 %), health authorities (45 %) and commercial corporations (30 %), membership fees (3 %)