Association Française de Lutte Anti Rhumatisme (AFLAR)

Society Association Française de Lutte Anti Rhumatisme (AFLAR)
Office Address 2 rue Bourgon France
Phone +33 1 4580 3000
Geographical Area Covered France
Year of foundation 1928
Membership categories General public Patients and people with osteoporosis doctors and medical professionals
Number of members 6500

Services Provided
Telephone helpline yes
Patient support groups yes
Education materials for public yes
Education materials for doctors yes

Chief Executive Officer Laurence Carton
Representative at IOF Dr Laurent Grange
Staff members Jean-Noël Dachicourt, Director
Number of staff members 3

Science/medical meetings and conferences continuing medical education
Support local, regional groups 25 regional support groups
Public awareness and education patients newsletters, lectures, public days, press conferences, interviews, releases