Latvian Osteoporosis and Bone Metabolic Diseases Association

Society Latvian Osteoporosis and Bone Metabolic Diseases Association
Office Address Riga East Clinical University Hospital Latvia
Phone +371 2923 8563
Fax +371 6704 2508
Geographical Area Covered All of Latvia
Year of foundation 2000
Number of members 71

Services Provided
Patient support groups yes
Education materials for public yes
Education materials for doctors yes

Chief Executive Officer Dr. Maija Mukane, MD
Representative at IOF Dr. Ingvars Rasa
Number of staff members 7

Science/medical - Clinical Guidelines on Osteoporosis (2011), Guidelines for the Diagnosis, Prophylaxis, and Treatment for Osteoporosis (2005), Guidelines for the Osteodensitometry (2007); National projects such as Osteoporosis Risk Factors in Adult Population in Latvia, Costs of Osteoporosis and Hip Fractures in Latvia, Vitamin D in Adult Population in Latvia; Multiple local and international publications, including abstracts, articles and educational materials.
Public awareness and education through local magazines and newspapers, including magazine Kaulu Veseliba (Bone Health), and educational materials for patients (for example, about osteoporosis risk factors, osteodensitometry, osteoporosis treatment etc.); during educational campaigns (including, celebrating World Osteoporosis day) together with patients' association, risk tests etc.
Lobbying yes