Kuratorium Knochengesundheit e.v

Society Kuratorium Knochengesundheit e.v
Office Address Leipzigerstrasse 6 Germany
Phone +49 7261 9217 20
Fax +49 7261 64659
Geographical Area Covered Germany
Year of foundation 1986
Number of members 7300

Services Provided
Telephone helpline +49 7261 9217 0
Patient support groups Yes
Education materials for public Yes
Education materials for doctors Yes

Chief Executive Officer Dr Jochen Werle
Representative at IOF Dr Jochen Werle
Number of staff members regular staff: 3; more staff during projects

Science/medical A scientific board supports all the activities according to evidence based guidelines; support and participation in scientific research; educational work with doctors and physiotherapists.
Support local, regional groups Yes
Public awareness and education Yes all kinds of material for information, addressing the public and patients in general
Lobbying Yes
Fundraising, finance and administration membership fees and privat fundraising; "sponsoring" for special projects.