Societé Française d'Ostéodensitométrie Clinique (SOFOC)

Society Societé Française d'Ostéodensitométrie Clinique (SOFOC)
Office Address Société Française d'Ostéodensitométrie Clinique France
Phone +33 (0)4 90 276 276
Fax +33 (0)4 90 276 324
Geographical Area Covered France
Year of foundation 2000
Number of members 350

Services Provided
Patient support groups Yes
Education materials for public Yes
Education materials for doctors Yes

Chief Executive Officer Dr. Michel Gasc (Tel. 0561350404)
Representative at IOF Dr. Rémy Dufour
Number of staff members 7

Science/medical Educational work with practitioners and hospital doctors, meetings, video on Osteoporosis
Support local, regional groups Yes
Public awareness and education Publications on webpages, 1 annual meeting and several regional, general public advice
Lobbying Lobbying hospitals, politicians and health authorities
Fundraising, finance and administration Funds from donations, commercial corporations and health authorities, membership fees