National Osteoporosis Patient Society Austria

Society National Osteoporosis Patient Society Austria
Office Address National Osteoporosis Patient Society Austria/, Dachverband der Austria
Phone +43 (0)316 48 32 48
Fax +43 (0)316 47 42 66
Geographical Area Covered Austria
Year of foundation 1998
Organization name in local language Österreichische Osteoporose Selbshilfegruppe
Number of members 3.400

Services Provided
Telephone helpline Yes
Patient support groups Yes
Education materials for public Yes
Education materials for doctors No

Chief Executive Officer Monika Lindner-Dickman
Representative at IOF Karin Malle-Suppan
Number of staff members 4

Science/medical Professional workshops for practitioners
Support local, regional groups Yes
Public awareness and education Publication: "Studie: Strassenbefragung 1998", a lot of different meeting activities, exhibition material (folder, scientific poster, slides), newsletter
Lobbying Lobbying hospitals, politicians and health authorities
Fundraising, finance and administration Funds from donations, commercial corporations and health authorities, public fund raising, membership fees

Other information Independent and nonprofit umbrella organisation of all Austrian Osteoporosis Patientgroups Member of the DOP e.V. (Dachverband deutschsprachiger Osteoporose Selbsthilfeverbände und patientenorientierer Osteoporose Organisationen)