Epidemiology/Quality of Life Working Group


Chairs: JA Kanis and N Harvey
Members: B Abrahamsen, J Adachi, F Borgström, O Bruyère, J Carey, P Clark, E Dennison, M Diaz Curiel, HP Dimai, N Harvey, M Hiligsmann, E Lau, P Lips, M Lewiecki, R Lorenc, E McCloskey, S Ortolani, A Papaioannou, D Prieto-Alhambra, K Sanders, S Silverman, M Sosa, P Szulc, N Yoshimura


To characterise the epidemiology and impact of osteoporosis and its related fragility fractures.


The Epidemiology/Quality of Life Working Group establishes projects which aim to estimate the epidemiology of osteoporosis around the world, to evaluate the impact of fragility fractures on health-related quality of life and finally to measure the direct and indirect cost of osteoporotic fractures worldwide.


  1. Further develop the fracture risk assessment tool (FRAX®) by increasing its international scope and its use in clinical practice.
  2. Provide new data on the global epidemiology and impact of osteoporotic fracture worldwide.
  3. Evaluate the secular changes in fracture incidence rates worldwide
  4. Estimate the cost and quality of life following a hip fracture, a vertebral fracture and a wrist fracture in different countries, through the International Cost and Utilities Related to Osteoporotic fractures Study (ICUROS).
  5. Osteoporosis treatment pathway model: Development of an economic  simulation model that refelcts the treatment pathway of osteoporosis
  6. Oldest old initiative: To study how treatment effectiveness and risk factors behave in the Oldest Old compared with younger populations. (O. Ström, F. Borgström. K. Åkesson, Ö. Ljunggren, and A. Spångeus)

Managing treatment cessation - subgroup Epi/QoL

Chair: S Ferrari
Members: J Adachi, E Dennison, M Lewiecki, E McCloskey, D Prieto-Alhambra, S Silverman

  1. Systematic review
  2. Algorithm


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Validation of the IOF quality of life questionnaire for patients with wrist fracture (PDF, 198 KB)
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