CSA Working Groups

Chairs: SL Ferrari and ML BouxseinMembers: C Cooper, R Chapurlat, A Cheung, C Glüer, D Hans, G Lyritis, M McClung, E SeemanCo-opted: P Zysset Read more
IOF’s respected Committee of Scientific Advisors (CSA) Working Groups formulate global policy guidance, scientific guidelines and statements to update IOF positions and develop educational and research projects of international relevance. Currently there are 13 working groups on a wide range of topics covering the bone, muscle and joint arena. In 2014, IOF CSA Working Groups or affiliated... Read more
Members Chairs: T de Villiers and C CooperMembers: J Cannata-Andia, HP Dimai, P Ebeling, J Foldes, P Hadji, K Javaid, JA Kanis, D Kendler, M McClung, R Rizzoli Aim To clarify the benefit-risk ratio of estrogen/estrogen-progesteron therapies on bone health in women Project To make recommendations on the role of MHT for prevention and treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis Read more
Members Chair: S Ferrari and C MeierMembers: B Abrahamsen, K Åkesson, MSM Ardawi, M Chandran, C Cooper, R Eastell, G El Hajj Fuleihan, R Josse, D Kendler, M Kraenzlin, W Leslie, A Mithal, N Napoli, A SuzukiCo-opted: M Massi Benedetti, A Schwartz Aim To give guidance on the diagnosis and management of osteoporosis in the context of diabetes. Read more
      Members Chairs: A Diez-Perez, R Eastell Read more
Members Chair: R Rizzoli     Members: JJ Body,  ML Brandi, M Campusano, J Cannata-Andia, M Chakhtoura, D Chappard, C Confavreux, P Ebeling, G El Hajj Fuleihan, A El Maghraoui, C Glüer, G Guglielmi,  P Hadji, G Holzer, D Kendler, N Napoli, A Papaioannou, T de Villiers Aim To define and assess the effects on bones following a cancer or cancer treatment. Read more
Members Chair: ML BrandiMembers: G Adib, D Agnusdei, C Bogado, M Chandran, D Chappard, R Chapurlat, B Clarke, JP Devogelaer, R. Eastell, A El Magrahoui, S Ferrari, G Guglielmi, F Jakob, K Javaid, J Kanis, JM Kaufman, U Liberman, G Lyritis, L Masi, P Miller, N Napoli, S Papapoulos, R Rizzoli, S Silverman, N WattsCo-opted: M Collins, W Högler, W van Hul, E Roldan, A Superti-Furga Read more
Members Chair: Dr. Amy Hoang-Kim Members: D Beaton (Canada), MK Chang (Switzerland), C Cooper (UK), F.Pegreffi (Italy), J Goldhahn (Switzerland), A Hoang-Kim (Canada), A Johnstone (UK), J Jupiter (US), A Ladd (US), P Lips (NL), J MacDermid (Canada), M Marks (Switzerland), G Moeller (Switzerland), B Mitlak (US), TL Müller (Switzerland), D Rikkli (Switzerland), T Shisha (France), B Simmen (... Read more


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